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Chicks Arm-Wrestlin’ Chicks for Charity: LA LAW’s Fall Brawl

LA LAW (Lady Arm Wrestlers) held their annual Fall Brawl on Monday, Nov. 18 at Silverlake’s Bootlegger Theatre. The match pairs a number of female (or those who identify as female) opponents against each other in the sport of arm wrestling. Money raised by the Brawl goes to charity, and in this case, Dancescape LA, […]

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Guest Post: Katherine Marty of Super Happy Funtime Burlesque in Globe, AZ

The Budget Motel — Globe, AZ Katherine Marty hates camping, which is why she has spent the last three years touring the country in a school bus. She tweets @liferstate and posts intermittently on Tumblr: Her troupe is probably coming to your city: Oct. 21-23, 2013 The Budget Motel in Globe, Arizona is […]

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Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty might make Futurama’s end hurt less

Futurama, for so long, was basically the Rasputin of cartoons for grown-ups. You could try to kill it, but it would return. This is what happens to shows when fans love them, after all. Unfortunately, Furturama seems to have bitten its final bullet with this last season. Community is another show whose fans love it […]

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Fun City Motel — Las Vegas, NV

Fun City Motel is located quite near the “fabulous Las Vegas” sign on Las Vegas Blvd., past the Stratosphere and Circus Circus, where the strip ends and the seediness begins. Fun City is not the murderiest of these motels (that’s The Oasis, which is hard to get a room at) at first glance, and still […]

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VEKS at The Womb — Oklahoma City

Street Artist VEKS help his show “I’m Not Bad I’m Just Drawn that Way” at Wayne Coyne’s The Womb in Oklahoma City. The Womb had been closed for a bit — safety code issues — but reopened in August. Guests were invited to tour the psychedelic space featuring 3-D melting boobs, cocktails served from inside […]

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Tourist Trap: Continental Divide, Ghost Town of Separ, NM

Separ, NM is technically a ghost town, though it does have a small population. It’s exit is home to a few things: a tee-pee; a ton of lizards; an abandoned truck stop; the continental divide; and a supply store where you can buy a bunch of weird crap you don’t need.

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