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That’s Sexploitation @ The Cinefamily

Frank Henenlotter, in partnership with Something Weird Video, took us through the history of sexploitation. Nudie cuties, hygiene films, roughies and cautionary tales, That’s Sexploitation is over two hours of nipples, butts, pubic hair and exploitation director¬†David F. Friedman¬†espousing on the genre. Henenlotter (director of such the Basket Case films, Bad Biology and Frankenhooker, as […]

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Hotel Florida — Tokyo, Japan

It’s hard to find a good napping hotel in the States, but Japan sees nothing wrong with a short stay. In fact, Japan’s “love hotels” are quite common. They come in all varieties — from the chic boutique hotels, to the Hello Kitty S&M dungeon themed rooms, to the spartan and sleazy. We opted for […]

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Slab City: The last free place on Earth

In 1942, Camp Dunlap was built on the stretch of desert that is now Slab City in the Colorado Desert in southern California. In 1956, the camp was torn down with the exception of concrete slabs. I think you can connect the dots there. In present day, Slab City is home to a number of […]

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Calico Cat Cafe — Shinjuku

Cats and depictions of cat are everywhere in Tokyo. After all, this is a place where every konbini has something Hello, Kitty themed, from ice packs, to food, to trinkets, to books, to LITERALLY EVERYTHING. Unfortunately, most apartments in Japan do not allow you to have a live kitty friend of your own. For that […]

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Whatever happened to Jay Thunderbolt?

Years ago, I read about Jay Thunderbolt. You can read about him in Metro Times here, or listen to a podcast with him here. So the story goes, Thunderbolt’s operated a DIY strip club out of his home in east Detroit. He didn’t charge a cover, and patrons could choose the girl of their choice […]

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