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Fun City Motel is located quite near the “fabulous Las Vegas” sign on Las Vegas Blvd., past the Stratosphere and Circus Circus, where the strip ends and the seediness begins. Fun City is not the murderiest of these motels (that’s The Oasis, which is hard to get a room at) at first glance, and still manages to be quite close to the action on the strip. It’s charm mostly lies in the fact that it’s called Fun City. Fun City was featured on an episode of “The Pretender” (remember that show?!) and was also where a teenage murder suspect was found holed up after shooting a man in the chest at a Carl’s Jr. It shares a parking lot with a wedding chapel and a place where you can fire automatic weapons. There’s nothing more American than this.

I checked into Fun City around 2 a.m., several hours after the “Breaking Bad” finale. The clerk was a clear fan.


The room itself was passable. Bed, bad art, table, interrogation lamp, television, dresser. The usual trappings of your rundown motel room.

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This room featured a kitchenette for the long-term consumer. Week-long gambling binge? Come home and heat up your Cup-A-Noodle no problem! Stay a month! Stay for life! No fridge, though.


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Of course, these types of establishments are also good for those on other kinds of benders. The previous tenant left without taking his/her crack pipe.

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And then tried to kick his way out…

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Which seems to be very common in motel rooms. The doors are always filthy and usually covered in hand and footprints that are nowhere near any mechanism that would actually open the door. Why are there so many people covered in dirt who are closing and opening these doors without using the knob? This is a motel mystery I have yet to solve, but I assume it’s because their hands are full from dragging in a body or something.

The most puzzling thing about this motel is the artwork. Here, we have a very crude painting.

Photo Sep 30, 9 35 07 AMFlowers sitting in a vase on a table. Pretty standard art. No controversies here. But then there’s this… what is that? A postcard sitting on the table? A picture-in-a-picture?

Photo Sep 30, 9 35 12 AMOrlando? Is that a tree, a peacock, a uterus rising from the dead? I just don’t understand. Is that what Orlando looks like?

Being a Sunday night with the world in a stupor over Walter White’s final exploits, Fun City was quiet and I was able to get in a good six hours of sleep before getting up to go to work. I took their suggestion and gave their maid a tip. Remember, folks, you should always tip your maid even if you’re not the one that left the crack pipe in the drawer or the blood in the bathtub.

Photo Sep 30, 2 31 44 AM Goodbye, Fun City. I’m sure we’ll meet again.

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  1. Isabelle October 26, 2013 at 2:43 pm #

    A uterus rising from the dead lmao…Just wanted to say that I love reading these; I have this strange fascination with old motels and abandoned things that I’m too young/scared to explore for myself, so I live through reading your articles 😛

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