M osley Motel
6200 Melton Road
Gary, Indiana
Gary, In. was a city built by a corporation. The U.S. Steel Corporation found Gary in 1906. It’s bland name is taken from Elbert Henry Gary, president of the corporation. Gary, like many post-industrial cities now in decline, failed to establish any other solid industry and therefore, the steel industry dictated its fate. With a peak population of 200,000 in the 1950s, Gary is now home to a mere 80,000 residents. Architecture and infrastructure remain, unused and falling apart.

We came to Gary on Christmas Eve Eve. There were two motels that we could find. Photo Dec 24, 11 55 39 AM

This one, which did not appear to be open, had no windows, and was surrounded in razorwire. And on a long stretch of road containing a number of closed down strip clubs, The Mosley Motel. Two stories, the hotel is circular in shape and manned by a true gentleman.

Photo Dec 24, 10 57 53 AM

At the Mosley, “where class meets economy,” you must call a number if you arrive after 5 p.m. ¬†This extended stay motel has sister motels in Florida and Ohio. Here, we are greeted by a kind, older man. He says they have two rooms — one in the back, one in the front. He hands me a key and tells me to go up the stairs, find the room, and check and see if it’s acceptable.

I do not want to be separated from Shawn, because this is how you die. Everyone knows that. However, after a moment’s hesitation, he says, “Can you do that now, please?”

So, I wind the circular hallways alone.

Photo Dec 24, 10 56 49 AMThe room refuses to open. After a good five minutes of trying, I return to the desk and tell Shawn to try. He has no luck. Finally, the man comes with us and tells us that occasionally, the housekeeper locks the deadbolt, which the key does not open.

Inside is a very sparse and small room that is starkly white. A small kitchenette, a bed on a frame, an old television, and no art. The floor is tile. You can plainly hear everything happening in the rooms nearby, which at the moment, is a loud cartoon and an excited child. The motel smells perpetually of savory foods.

Photo Dec 24, 10 55 28 AMThis cheap joint is probably the safest place in Gary you could be, no matter what anyone tells you. Which is a lot. People will tell you a lot. You go to Flint, Saginaw, Gary, East St. Louis, New Orleans, someone on the Internet will say, “OMGBECARFULURGONDIE.” And you probably won’t, unless you really want to. The Mosley is cheap, secluded, and apparently has a weekly church service.

There wasn’t a lot open in Gary at night, though granted this was Christmas Eve Eve, a Sunday. Polekatz was an open strip club down the street, but we end up driving to Chicago and returning for an uneventful sleep.

Christmas Eve in downtown Gary is depressing at best. Most of the storefronts are busted out, boarded up, and lifeless. Broadway was once a major corridor of commerce. Today, it’s a whole lot of this.

Photo Dec 24, 11 35 24 AMA preacher on a corner is advertising free hot dogs, maybe salvation, with a megaphone. The streets are mostly empty. The abandoned City Methodist Church has been vacant for 33 years, and is a popular urbex/film destination.

Photo Dec 24, 11 26 50 AM


God, I suppose, is dead.

Photo Dec 24, 11 26 14 AMIn one of the rooms is a desolate Christmas scene, where…

Photo Dec 24, 11 48 13 AMit turns out photographer Angela VS had decided to abandon her Christmas tree at some point before we arrived. We did not know this at the time.

In the neighborhoods of Gary, you can find the childhood home of Michael Jackson. Well-maintained and heavily fenced, there are boards on the gates where fans can write messages to the deceased King of Pop, though the nearby streets signs also contain epithets. A monument has also been erected in the front lawn.

Photo Dec 24, 11 50 00 AM

The high crime rates sent many of the residents of Gary out to the suburbs in the ’60s. Blight has consumed a number of the neighborhoods.

Photo Dec 24, 12 04 47 PMDespite two casinos opening in the ’90s and the recent construction of the Gary Chicago International Airport, Gary still remains in a financial crisis. The current top headline for Gary details its first murder of 2013. There’s gotta be something there we couldn’t find on a holiday. Right? Someone email us everything there is to know about Gary.











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  1. Leroy March 29, 2013 at 12:50 am #

    The Budget Motel is open they will rent you a room for 20 dollars for 2 hours. You need to ring the buzzer and they will let you in i doubt that they have nightly rates. The Mosely was called the Royal and it was a truly deacadent place to stay. Outside of the main buiding were two other structures that contained rooms. Even the most hardened crackhead was scared to stay in these rooms because if anything happened no one was going to know about it till check out time.
    There are a couple decent strip clubs along this route but mind your manners because there are some truly bad ass cats that roam these streets. Out by the airport there is an adult bookstore that arranges gang bangs and glory hole action if thats your type of thing. The hookers ply their trade pretty much between 23rd and 17th unless you want a chick with a dick then head down to 41st.
    When you cross 61st street your heading to Merrillville which is as white and sterile as any city you could find.

  2. sasha fierce October 22, 2013 at 2:25 pm #

    This is quite some information. I had no idea that Gary was so rough. I applaud anyone who works in Gary IN.
    Especially the women who work at Home Depot. I hear that they are prostitutes also. I know of one in particular.

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