Murder Motel Staff

Juliet Bennet RylahJuliet Bennett Rylah: Editor

Juliet quit her job as the Managing Editor of a publication specializing in urban renewal in the Midwest and drove to Los Angeles. She lives off Craigslist now and sleeps in someone’s closet.





Shawn Avery: Survivalist

Did you know that Shawn Avery used to be a truck driver? He also used to be a U.S. Marine. These two things come in handy. This is a guy who built a frog pond in his backyard, perfected a recipe for fish tacos, and custom-built and designed his picturesque bathroom. Plus, he’s real easy on the eyes.







Mary Sjaarda: Photographer

Mary Sjaarda is a graphic designer and self-proclaimed “hack photographer” who has a unhealthy fascination with placing herself in awkward and dangerous situations. Whenever she isn’t braving photo pits or affiliating with gang members, she takes boring pictures of snacks and vegetables for one of the largest food distributors in the Midwest.




  Jason Hite: Photographer

Jason and his dog have investigated a multitude of abandoned buildings and strange terrains. In his daily life, he does graphic design for a real estate firm.






Megan Poertner: Executive Researcher

Hypochrondriac, cat-lover, voracious reader, Pellegrino addict.