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Whatever happened to Jay Thunderbolt?

Years ago, I read about Jay Thunderbolt. You can read about him in Metro Times here, or listen to a podcast with him here. So the story goes, Thunderbolt’s operated a DIY strip club out of his home in east Detroit. He didn’t charge a cover, and patrons could choose the girl of their choice […]

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Movement — Monday

Monday of Movement 2013 was rainy. Mary braved the weather, and the after parties. Click image to view slideshow. Photos by Mary Sjaarda.

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Dirty, Dirty Detroit (NSFW)

George Washington’s face bursting with dicks is the first thing I saw upon entering the Dirty Show in Detroit, Mich. this weekend. Maybe it wasn’t the first thing I saw, exactly, but it’s the first thing I remember seeing after getting through willcall and untangling myself from my scarf. Our first president, his face enlivened […]

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Corktown Inn — Detroit, Mich.

┬áThe Corktown Inn (1331 Trumbull) is a fine hotel, or so they would have you believe. And compared to The University Motel, where we stayed the night before, this is a true statement. It’s clean, it has hot water, and the concierge gives you a key so you can go in and out as you […]

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The University Motel — Detroit, Mich.

The University Motel is very confusing. It’s located very near Wayne State’s campus and the only FourSquare tip is from a guy who says it’s a great place to crash when his girlfriend gets pissed at him. We pulled up to the spot in the early evening. With Michigan’s unseasonably warm Thanksgiving over, it’s cold […]

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