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A Quick Photo Shoot with Ashlie [NSFW]

I met with Ashlie for a quick Murder Motels style photo shoot last week. Please check out and support this crazy talented model’s page: https://www.facebook.com/AshlieLMurray Click image for slideshow.

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Hot Babes in a Murder Motel: Jim Williams Motel [NSFW]

Yet another model shoot, this time with Jasmine and Jade in the Jim Williams Motel in Grand Rapids, MI. This motel was gross, but at least felt a little less serial killer-y than most motels found on Division Ave. in Grand Rapids. The room was also HUGE for some reason (with a tiny bed and […]

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Scooby Doo Cosplay Shoot [NSFW]

Hot models, Scooby Doo get-up, creepy building… enjoy!   Daphne: Ashlie Velma: Jasmine She-Shaggy: Rachel Random Skull Shirt Girl: Amanda If you have a request for our next hot cosplay photo shoot, leave a comment! Click image for slideshow

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Brickrete Motel — Grand Rapids, MI

Being that this motel is in our home town, we rarely think of it as an option. However, one time I pulled into the motel just to check it out and a man in one of the rooms turned around very slowly, lifted a two liter (or is it three liter?) of Faygo to his […]

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Party in the Lazy-T Motel [NSFW album]

Continuing our “Babes in a Murder Motel” photo shoot series, we had models Jasmine, Rachel, and Ashlie meet up with photographer Jason Hite at the Lazy-T Motel in Grand Rapids, Mich. It really is amazing how three hot, naked girls can make cheap wood paneling, cigarette-burned furniture, and general filth look good. We enjoyed a game of strip […]

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