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Hot Babes in a Murder Motel: Jim Williams Motel [NSFW]

Yet another model shoot, this time with Jasmine and Jade in the Jim Williams Motel in Grand Rapids, MI. This motel was gross, but at least felt a little less serial killer-y than most motels found on Division Ave. in Grand Rapids. The room was also HUGE for some reason (with a tiny bed and […]

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Tales from Florida: Photographer/Filmmaker Cary Longchamps Gets Weird in Motels

Sometimes, people tell us stories about their motel experiences. Filmmaker and photographer Cary Longchamps of Naples, FL is no stranger to gross motels. A family connection, a passion for breaking into abandoned buildings, and a serendipitous music video are all pieces of his combined motel history. But he’ll tell you himself… A filthy motel room… […]

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Party in the Lazy-T Motel [NSFW album]

Continuing our “Babes in a Murder Motel” photo shoot series, we had models Jasmine, Rachel, and Ashlie meet up with photographer Jason Hite at the Lazy-T Motel in Grand Rapids, Mich. It really is amazing how three hot, naked girls can make cheap wood paneling, cigarette-burned furniture, and general filth look good. We enjoyed a game of strip […]

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Babes in a Murder Motel Room [NSFW album]

This weekend, hot babes and models Jasmine and Amanda joined me for a photo shoot. Keeping it real, we shot in one of the most disgusting motels in Grand Rapids. (Bonus points to those of you that recognize the motel. Juliet posted about it awhile back.)  Despite the creepy-probably-sex offenders all leering at the girls as […]

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Holiday Motel — Kalamazoo, MI

The Holiday Motel in Kalamazoo is located on the usual stretch of urban sprawl off the highway. The usual smattering of cash advances, fast food, nail salons, auto shops pepper the area. And this sex store: Small and mostly full of lingerie and platform heels, a casual walkabout would reveal not even one brand of […]

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