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Fun City Motel — Las Vegas, NV

Fun City Motel is located quite near the “fabulous Las Vegas” sign on Las Vegas Blvd., past the Stratosphere and Circus Circus, where the strip ends and the seediness begins. Fun City is not the murderiest of these motels (that’s The Oasis, which is hard to get a room at) at first glance, and still […]

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Dennis Rodman Serenades Us

One minute, you’re listening to a sad singer/songwriter, disheartened because the crowd would rather here “Don’t Stop Believing” than his original composition. I mean, even at the end of the night, some slapdick was pulling money out of his tip jar yelling at him to just play the goddamn Journey. But in the middle of […]

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The Gateway Motel — Las Vegas, NV

Gateway Motel 928 Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV I’ll be honest with you. Gateway Motel was not our first choice. Of all the seedy little treasures on Las Vegas Blvd. north of The Strip, this little guy was a consolation prize at best. We first tried The Oasis. Boasting free adult movies and jacuzzi […]

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