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Guest Post: Katherine Marty of Super Happy Funtime Burlesque in Globe, AZ

The Budget Motel — Globe, AZ Katherine Marty hates camping, which is why she has spent the last three years touring the country in a school bus. She tweets @liferstate and posts intermittently on Tumblr: katherinemarty.tumblr.com. Her troupe is probably coming to your city: www.superhappyfuntimeburlesque.com Oct. 21-23, 2013 The Budget Motel in Globe, Arizona is […]

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Fun City Motel — Las Vegas, NV

Fun City Motel is located quite near the “fabulous Las Vegas” sign on Las Vegas Blvd., past the Stratosphere and Circus Circus, where the strip ends and the seediness begins. Fun City is not the murderiest of these motels (that’s The Oasis, which is hard to get a room at) at first glance, and still […]

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This Abandoned Motel is Kind of Terrifying

Baker, CA is home to the world’s tallest (broken) thermometor, the Mad Greek, Alien Jerky, and this abandoned Hawaiian-themed motel. It’s always cool when you see someone has spray-painted a wall with “Welcome to Hell” right as you realize you’re standing near a dead coyote and a buzzard shows up to see what’s going on. […]

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Hot Babes in a Murder Motel: Jim Williams Motel [NSFW]

Yet another model shoot, this time with Jasmine and Jade in the Jim Williams Motel in Grand Rapids, MI. This motel was gross, but at least felt a little less serial killer-y than most motels found on Division Ave. in Grand Rapids. The room was also HUGE for some reason (with a tiny bed and […]

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Brickrete Motel — Grand Rapids, MI

Being that this motel is in our home town, we rarely think of it as an option. However, one time I pulled into the motel just to check it out and a man in one of the rooms turned around very slowly, lifted a two liter (or is it three liter?) of Faygo to his […]

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