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Hot Babes in a Murder Motel: Jim Williams Motel [NSFW]

Yet another model shoot, this time with Jasmine and Jade in the Jim Williams Motel in Grand Rapids, MI. This motel was gross, but at least felt a little less serial killer-y than most motels found on Division Ave. in Grand Rapids. The room was also HUGE for some reason (with a tiny bed and […]

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Mortal Kombat! [cosplay photo shoot]

We shot a Mortal Kombat themed photoshoot in the Murder Motels HQ this weekend. If you like hot girls, weapons, and gratuitous blood and gore check it out. Props to Jasmine Elliott  as Kitana and Natalie Hooper as Sonya Blade. Bonus photoshoot with Jasmine included at the end of the set.

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Special Guest Ed Brayton: The Comedy Condos

This is our friend, Ed Brayton. He’s one of the founders of freethoughtblogs.com and a former touring stand-up comedian. He’s been on the Rachel Maddow Show and he hosts Culture Wars Radio on WPRR. He’s also stayed in some real shitty places he calls “The Comedy Condos.” 3 am in Terra Haute, Indiana. Two comedians […]

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