A s you must know by now, the Night Before Thanksgiving is the second worst day of the year. People get really drunk for no apparent reason, all at once. Last year, we decided we were going to make a list of drunk sterotypes and then go find those people. Girl Without a Coat chased us, but we outran her. We called one ambulance. A guy tried to show us his penis and then invited us to a Courtyard Marriott for a good time.

We repeated this game on New Year’s as well as the worst day of the year, St. Patrick’s Day. Now, we are sharing it with you. But watch out for those shots, lest the hunter become the hunted. Please send us your photos: editor@nullmurdermotels.com, tag us on Facebook, hashtag for Instagram/Twitter #drunkhunt2012

We’ll give the best photos some kind of murdery prize. (Not real murder.)

Public Vomiting

Public Urination

Nip Slip

40-year-old woman dressed like 18-year-old woman

Excessive makeout

Lover’s quarrel

Bro Loving Bro

Physical Fight

Broken Glass


Passed Out

Person Poorly Trying to Describe Whereabouts Via Phone

Angry Cop

Bartender/Server at Wit’s End

Someone in handcuffs


Girl in trashy outfit and cross necklace

Tackiest Oufit

Sleeping in the bar

Girls without shoes

Girl on Girl Action by 2 Girls Who Are Clearly Not Gay

Falling down

Person getting kicked out of bar

Impeding Traffic

Car/Public Sex


Pregnant DD

Someone actually buying one of those roses

Drunk people looking for their cars, or sleeping in their car

Overturned trash bin/barrel



Turkey Hat

It is too cold for this

Unreasonably long line outside unreasonably terrible bar

Lonely Guy

Sweatpants in public

Guy hitting on girl(s) who is/are not interested. At all.

Head-to-toe sequins

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  1. Anne November 20, 2012 at 8:40 pm #

    This is way too tempting to not do…. So can I have a global team? I travel 24/7 and my best demented friends are spread out across the US, but I am confident we can knock this list out!

  2. Juliet Rylah November 20, 2012 at 8:44 pm #


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